View of kasbah Angour from river
We have a team of experienced mountain guides and drivers who are ready to show you the region.

Half day walk in the atlas mountains

You can choose one of our half-day or full-day guided walks.

Activities & Excursions from Kasbah Angour


Kasbah Angour is ideally situated for a wonderful holiday. The Kasbah is a splendid spot to relax. You can enjoy the gardens and swimming pool, and admire the mountain scenery and Berber villages.


Our Café-Bar contains a library of books; you can borrow one of the novels and leave one in its place if you do not finish it before you leave. We also have board games and table tennis. Kasbah Angour's gardens attract a wide variety of birds and if you look carefully you may find a tortoise. There are many photo opportunities for keen photographers.


There is a lot to see and do in the local vicinity. We can provide directions for those guests who want to explore unaccompanied. We also have a team of experienced mountain guides who are eager to show you the region and give you an insight into Moroccan Berber culture.


Marrakech is only 30 minutes’ drive away and we can arrange inexpensive reliable transport. You can sample the vibrancy of Marrakech for the day or the evening and then retreat to the comfort of the Kasbah.


You can book most excursions the day before.


Kasbah Angour's excursions include:

Full day excursions include a picnic in the mountains.

Our guided excursions are good value and there can be just two people in a group. Prices are quoted per person and vary with the number of people in the group. For the car excursions, there is a choice between a local taxi (an old Mercedes) or a modern people carrier with air con and seat-belts. Prices in the sub-menu above are shown in Moroccan dirhams. In late 2016, exchange rates were: 13 dirhams/£; and 11dirhams/euro.


Guests who participate this activities or excursions do so at their own risk and undertake to have appropriate insurance cover.



Camel ride near kasbah angour

You can go for a camel ride at a nearby scenic location.

Atlas mountains by car
Our car or 4X4 excursions give you the opportunity to explore the majestic mountains and see the Moroccan Berber villages.